Universal Spare Wheel

One wheel, fits all

Space saving. Ligt-weight. No towing costs. Optimal comfort for the consumer.

About the wheel

XiniX Wheel Technology B.V. is proud and pleased to present the Universal Spare Wheel to the market.
Approximately half of all new vehicles do not come with a spare wheel. The lightweight Universal Spare Wheel was specially designed to tackle this problem.

The Universal Spare Wheel fixes no-spare breakdowns, meaning that the majority of cars with four or five stud wheels without a spare wheel can be helped at all times. This is of huge value for the recovery sector. The wheel is simple, can be placed quickly, is convenient and is cost as well as time-saving.
Car manufacturers find themselves under increasing pressure to reduce the weight of their vehicles in order to make them more fuel-efficient and to meet EU carbon dioxide emissions targets. One of the simplest ways for them to achieve these targets is the removal of the spare wheel, but drivers should not suffer as a result.

The Universal Spare Wheel has been extensively tested by the ANWB (the Netherlands), VAB (Belgium), Prolux (Germany), RACC (Spain), AA and RAC at the MIRA Technology Park (United Kingdom). The wheel has been approved by these recovery road services.
The RAC in the UK has been using the Universal Spare Wheel since 2013. The Universal Spare Wheel has also been certified by TÜV in Germany. It is the world’s first TÜV approved multi PCD system!


The benefits that come with this wheel are countless, to name some:

  • Multi-fit wheel fits all
  • Space-saving
  • Reduction of stock levels
  • Light weight
  • Cost and time efficient
  • No more towing costs due to a flat tire
  • Optimized comfort for the consumer
  • Safe to use

Available sizes

15Inch Universal Spare Wheel covers 90% of 4 stud vehicles and the 17Inch covers 80% of 5 stud vehicles. In addition, the 20Inch covers 99% of the 5 and 6 stud passenger and SUV vehicles.
One of the most beneficial aspects of this wheel: no limitations and maximum clearance when it comes to the breaks of the vehicle. Meaning: no additional hardware is required.

XiniX Wheel Technology has already received a lot of positive feedback from recovery services in the UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Greece and the Netherlands.
The Universal Spare Wheel covers more than 90% of the total market, because of its universal multi-application system for alloy wheels.
The Universal Spare Wheel reduces cost with more than 60% and increases the value of your business. 

According to the RAC in the UK, in the 12 months up to August of 2012, it responded to 87,000 breakdowns involving a puncture on a vehicle with no spare, and in the 12 months ending in August of 2013, this increased to approximately 120,000. The Universal Spare wheel proved to help individual members and business customers to get back on the road as quickly as possible after they break down.
We understand why car manufacturers need to reduce the weight of their vehicles. But drivers should not suffer as a result, and in order to minimize the disruption and inconvenience that punctures can cause, the Universal Spare Wheel provides additional options for patrols to deal with breakdowns. We already received a lot of positive results from the trials and we expect the universal wheel to become an increasingly common sight on our roads.

Link to our fitment guide: https://fitmentguide.ezsparewheel.com

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